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Feature oak frames for any build

Get the traditional charm and natural character of real oak without the cost, with a hybrid feature oak frame from Turner Timber Frames.

Combining natural oak features including trusses, beams, posts and character details with our softwood timber frame, you’ll get all the aesthetic benefits of an oak build, without the associated costs, challenges and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for traditional timeless style or a contemporary, modern home, you can depend on Turner Timber Frames to provide you with the stunning feature oak details that will bring your dream property to life.

Feature Oak Frames

Learn more about the benefits of using a hybrid-system feature oak frame from Turner Timber.


There’s something special about oak. It’s natural, long lasting and beautiful and no other material compares.

Introducing oak to your build will add a unique character to your new building, but it comes at a cost…a full oak frame is expensive and challenging, and for most properties, completely unnecessary!

With a hybrid oak frame from Turner Timber Frames, you’ll get all the charm and character of oak, at a fraction of the price.

Here’s how it works:

The downsides of building with oak frames
Oak is one of the most expensive timbers you can use. It also needs to be worked in a green state, as oak shrinks and changes shape during its first few years as it dries. This impacts on the kind of home designs you can build with oak. Oak frames need on-going maintenance throughout their life.

Using a feature oak system from Turner Timber eliminates these problems.

Feature oak details from Turner Timber
At Turner Timber, we offer a hybrid solution – integrating real oak features like trusses, beams, posts and character details into a high performance timber frame.

All the visible timber on your build is real oak, but the rest of the structure is manufactured from a more cost effective, high performance softwood timber, in the same manner as our timber frames.

The benefits of feature oak
With a feature oak frame from Turner Timber Frame, you get the best of both worlds:

• A structure that looks like a 100% oak frame at a fraction of the price
• Increased thermal efficiency and performance
• Reduced maintenance
• More flexible – can be designed just like a timber framed home
• Quicker and easier to install

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