Walls & Specification

A timber frame wall for every self-build

At Turner Timber, we provide 4 different timber frame wall options for developers, with a product to suit every project.

Our wall panels are precision manufactured in-house to exacting standards from top quality, sustainable kiln dried 140mm x 38mm vac vac treated CLS timber, brand leading OSB3 sheathing boards, High Performance membranes and insulation.

Maintaining the highest quality standards in everything we do, all installation work is conducted by experienced, fully insured teams, working to the latest best practice guidelines.


Economical and reliable

This strong, sturdy and cost-effective timber frame offers a dependable solution that will beat all current building regulations.

Made for a series of vertical studs at 600mm centres, the panels come sheathed in 9mm OSB 3 board, complete with Tyvek house wrap breathable membrane.

U-value – 0.22


Convenient and efficient

Plus packages feature enhanced specification walls, and come supplied with additional ‘Protect’ reflective vapour control foil.

Plus package walls also include a built in cavity, saving you time spent drilling through the panels when installing pipes and wires, whilst increasing the U Value and air leakage results.

U-value – 0.20


High performance timber frames

Our advanced walls come pre-fitted with a high specification foil breather membrane with metallised, low-emissivity surface for maximum thermal efficiency and performance.

Other features include a ‘protect’ vapour control foil and service cavity for easy pipe/cable installation.

U-value – 0.16

Super Advanced

Pre-insulated – with U-value between 0.15 – 0.09

Our super advanced walling comes pre-insulated with 120mm PIR high thermal insulation boards for maximum thermal efficiency.
To the internal face of the external wall we then add a secondary layer of insulation, varying in depth to suit your requirements from 25 to 100mm deep.

Convenient and extremely efficient, the walling features high spec foil breather membranes and comes fitted with a service cavity for easy wire/pipe installation.

U-value – 0.15 -0.09

Further support

For additional information about any of our timber frame solutions, a free, no obligation quote, or to discuss your next development, please call our team today on 01482 218945 today. Alternatively, please fill out a contact form.