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Self Builders

We can provide the bespoke, precision engineered timber frame to bring your plans to life

Whether you’re building a new house from scratch or planning an extension, we can provide a bespoke, precision engineered timber frame to bring your plans to life.

With experience building timber frame structures for buildings of all sizes and types, you can depend on Turner Timber Frames to deliver the right solution and support at the right price.

The benefits of timber frame
Invest in a home from Turner Timber Frames, and you’ll reap real benefits in terms of the build process, environmental impact, cost and performance of the finished structure:

The build
• Flexible – suitable for all types of housing design
• Speed and cost of construction – cutting between 30% – 50% off the build time whilst reducing associated labour costs
• Precision engineered, designed by experts and manufactured to the tightest industry tolerances in a controlled environment for simple erection on site
• Can be built year round –they’re manufactured inside, quickly erected on site, your project won’t even be slowed down by the weather
• Designed, manufactured and erected for you –we turn your plans into a working building, cutting stress and making things easier for you and your builders, allowing you more time to concentrate on other elements.
• We appreciate for many of our customers building their own home isn’t always 9-5, that’s why we are here to help out of our normal office hours to support you before, during and after the timber frame is erected.

The environment
• Intrinsically green – manufactured from sustainable, renewable softwood timber, carefully sourced from PEFC certified Scandinavian forests
• Factory made – designed using the latest CAD technology to minimise waste during manufacture
• Manufactured in Hull – just ½ mile from one of the UK’s main timber docks, minimising material miles travelled and reducing the carbon footprint
• Thermally efficient – reducing the energy needed to heat your home by around 40%

Your lifestyle
• Warm and comfortable – excellent thermal efficiency and air tightness achieving great U Value rates
• Good acoustic performance – for a quieter home
• Cheap to run – keep heating costs to a minimum
• Strong and durable – built to last from top quality timber
• Dry Construction – timber frame cuts the volume of water needed to build resulting in less drying out time and the problems associated with that (cracking, condensation, mould)